Custom Etsy Order Embroidered Dress Photos

 Full front view.
 "Waistline" view of roses.
 Collar. (Sorry it turned out fuzzy!)
 Sleeve detail.
I'm very happy with the way the sleeves turned out. Customer requested "gathered but not puffy" so I "freehanded" these down from a puffy sleeve, and they worked perfectly! Thank the Lord.
 Full back view.
Detail of side bow. 
Customer requested bows on the side, and they are really cute.

This customer found me on Etsy, and requested a custom order dress. After convos, we settled on what she was looking for, and found the material via joanns.com, which I bought at my local Jo-ann Fabrics (Don't ever order from Jo-ann's online,,,they are completely terrible, as in, they don't carry what  they list, and they ship you SOMETHING without knowing anything about it.). I made the dress according to the measurements provided by the customer. Here is the finished product.


Flat Sheet Converted to a Nightgown

One of my nightgowns recently wore out, and needed immediate replacement. I went to our favorite thrift store and bought several flat sheets, the most expensive one being $3.00 -- a king size. The one I used for this gown was a queen size, and cost $0.69. I didn't think the texture of the material would go well with eyelet that I normally trim my gowns with, so I used the sheet to also make ruffles (I have leftover despite that). It is one of the most comfortable gowns I've ever had!

So next time you're looking for material, consider checking out flat sheets at garage or yard sales or thrift stores! You can also use fitted sheets if you clip the elastic at the edge, but you'll get more out of a flat sheet.

Coming next (hopefully, once I get the photo): a picture of a dress I made from another sheet.


Custom Order for little Kenna

Kenna's Mom wanted me to make some skirts and a dress for her. We met at Jo-Ann Fabrics and chose patterns and materials.
 She decided she wanted five skirts and one dress. Pictured are the results.
It was so much fun for me to watch someone "discover" all the options of material out there. Each person has a different taste, and I'm learning to appreciate that. I had fun standing back and watching someone who had an entire different taste and complexion to deal with; I somewhat "discovered" more material, too, as I saw it through someone else's eyes!


More Custom Sewing for A.: Jumper/Dress and Basic Dress

Again, I had a custom sewing order that the client selected and brought me the materials they wanted. A. chose a sleeveless dress this time, for her daughter to wear underneath a sweater or as a jumper with a blouse underneath, making the dress more versatile.

 She also ordered a basic dress in this daisy print, having fallen in love with a dress I had ready-made that was too small for her daughter.

Thank you, A. for your business!


Blouses Finished

I recently finished some blouses for myself. I use a basic pattern, but normally, I add pleats.
Here is a basic blouse I made, stretching it out of scraps, which is why I didn't add pleats...there wasn't enough fabric! 

The next blouse is an example of what I do if I haven't enough material to put in the 1/2" pleats I normally make: just make 1/4" pleats! (I have three on each side of the placket here.)

And, finally, here is a "normal" blouse, featuring three 1/2" pleats on either side of the placket. 

I also had to add a seam in the center back of the blouse, which is normally cut on the fold. Adding the seam in the back enabled me to squeeze the blouse out of the scraps, and it is not noticeable in either blouse.