Custom Etsy Order Embroidered Dress Photos

 Full front view.
 "Waistline" view of roses.
 Collar. (Sorry it turned out fuzzy!)
 Sleeve detail.
I'm very happy with the way the sleeves turned out. Customer requested "gathered but not puffy" so I "freehanded" these down from a puffy sleeve, and they worked perfectly! Thank the Lord.
 Full back view.
Detail of side bow. 
Customer requested bows on the side, and they are really cute.

This customer found me on Etsy, and requested a custom order dress. After convos, we settled on what she was looking for, and found the material via joanns.com, which I bought at my local Jo-ann Fabrics (Don't ever order from Jo-ann's online,,,they are completely terrible, as in, they don't carry what  they list, and they ship you SOMETHING without knowing anything about it.). I made the dress according to the measurements provided by the customer. Here is the finished product.


Flat Sheet Converted to a Nightgown

One of my nightgowns recently wore out, and needed immediate replacement. I went to our favorite thrift store and bought several flat sheets, the most expensive one being $3.00 -- a king size. The one I used for this gown was a queen size, and cost $0.69. I didn't think the texture of the material would go well with eyelet that I normally trim my gowns with, so I used the sheet to also make ruffles (I have leftover despite that). It is one of the most comfortable gowns I've ever had!

So next time you're looking for material, consider checking out flat sheets at garage or yard sales or thrift stores! You can also use fitted sheets if you clip the elastic at the edge, but you'll get more out of a flat sheet.

Coming next (hopefully, once I get the photo): a picture of a dress I made from another sheet.


Custom Order for little Kenna

Kenna's Mom wanted me to make some skirts and a dress for her. We met at Jo-Ann Fabrics and chose patterns and materials.
 She decided she wanted five skirts and one dress. Pictured are the results.
It was so much fun for me to watch someone "discover" all the options of material out there. Each person has a different taste, and I'm learning to appreciate that. I had fun standing back and watching someone who had an entire different taste and complexion to deal with; I somewhat "discovered" more material, too, as I saw it through someone else's eyes!


More Custom Sewing for A.: Jumper/Dress and Basic Dress

Again, I had a custom sewing order that the client selected and brought me the materials they wanted. A. chose a sleeveless dress this time, for her daughter to wear underneath a sweater or as a jumper with a blouse underneath, making the dress more versatile.

 She also ordered a basic dress in this daisy print, having fallen in love with a dress I had ready-made that was too small for her daughter.

Thank you, A. for your business!


Blouses Finished

I recently finished some blouses for myself. I use a basic pattern, but normally, I add pleats.
Here is a basic blouse I made, stretching it out of scraps, which is why I didn't add pleats...there wasn't enough fabric! 

The next blouse is an example of what I do if I haven't enough material to put in the 1/2" pleats I normally make: just make 1/4" pleats! (I have three on each side of the placket here.)

And, finally, here is a "normal" blouse, featuring three 1/2" pleats on either side of the placket. 

I also had to add a seam in the center back of the blouse, which is normally cut on the fold. Adding the seam in the back enabled me to squeeze the blouse out of the scraps, and it is not noticeable in either blouse.


Dresses for Myself :-)

Here are two dresses I recently made for myself.
The green dress is a basic, zipper-back dress, with elasticized waist. The bodice has pleats in the center, one 2” in the very center with a 1” pleat on either side. The “teacup” sleeves have a gathered cap with small three pleats at the lower edge.

The grey dress is a pattern I made myself, one I’m sure has been previously designed, but which I have never seen before. Dress is “round” princess seamed front and back, with inverted pleats at the waistline continuing the seam to the hem of the flared skirt, with a “straight” seam in center back of dress. Buttons are down entire front of dress. Sleeves are plain, fitted, with a button in the hem allowance, fitting the sleeve to the wrist. A Mandarin collar finishes the neckline. Dress is made so that there is no break shown in seams at waistline.


Special Order Birthday Presents: Nightgown and Housecoat/Robe

 My oldest brother ordered a nightgown and a housecoat/robe for his wife's birthday. He knew neither her size, nor what material he wanted, though he hoped I could find something with hearts and incorporate heart-shaped buttons in. I emailed him pictures of the two nightgown styles we use here, without any comments on what I thought Nicole would like; I was really happy when he chose the one I thought she would prefer. I shopped for the flannel for the housecoat, and found nothing I was thrilled with at the first store, nor really at the second store, but I called him with the options and he chose the bright/deep pink with hearts that I described to him, over the other options there. I was waiting a few days on the calico to go on sale for the nightgown, and so was able to email him links to the only print choice I felt was just right for Nicole, but he left the color choice up to my discretion. I went with the lavender, and loved the way it turned out! I was disappointed that I could not find eyelet, but ended up being glad that I had to go with something else, as this trim matched the delicacy of the lavender much better. Both my brother and sister-in-law are happy with the results.
(And, thankfully, my sister-in-law has been my friend for about ten years and I was able to recall some conversations we had had that gave me some hints as to her size. Being a loose-fitting nightgown, it didn't matter so much, either. :-))


Princess Seamed Custom Order Dress Finished

 I finished another custom order dress in the last few weeks. This was a simple, "everyday" sort of dress, and a joy to make. Again, the client bought, and handed to me, the fabric, zipper, thread, and prepared pattern. I had to do some alterations, such as making the neckline a little smaller, the sleeves thinner and longer, and add length to the dress in order to fit the girl, but I already had the measurements. The client chose to hem the dress herself, so it is unfinished in the photo. The dress is round princess seamed in front and back both.
It took 4 hours of labor, amounting to $40.00. Are you interested in the same pattern?


Custom Order Finished

I just finished a custom order for a dress someone wanted “reproduced”. The customer provided the material she wanted, instructing me what she wanted each print used for. She had a dress for her daughter she wanted made in a bigger size and neither of us had a pattern that matched. I was able to pull a pattern from my files that was the bodice she was looking for, and I had a circle skirt pattern that I had to alter in order to add the gathers the customer was wanting. I had to add the ties, and I measured the ties of the dress I was “copying” to use as the pattern for the dress I was making. Both mother and daughter are pleased with the finished product.

Pictured here is the dress they wanted reproduced (the white with the pink/rose print -- above), along with the dress they had me make.


Special Order Dresses Finished

I was hired to make some special order smocked dresses and recently they were picked up; thanks so much to Jordyn for being a model for me! (Click on the image to see it in a larger size.)
The above dress is a basic style, the one below is the classic bishop style.


Modest, Feminine Blouses Available to Order

After many years of searching and trying different patterns, I finally found a blouse pattern just as I wanted it to be...In our pattern box, where it's been for years. And everyone that sees them loves them, including my dad and brothers...they actually comment on how they like these. So I'm making them available to you to order "special", meaning that I will use the materials you send me, and do the sewing for you, rather than "stocking" them.
These blouses fit beautifully, have feminine gathered sleeves, three pleats on either side of the buttons down the center, and a rounded collar. There is a lovely long-sleeve option, as well as the short sleeve option shown.

Materials needed: 2 1/4 to 3 yards fabric (depending on size), 6 t0 8 buttons (depending on size), 1 spool (at least 200 yards of Gutterman or Coats and Clark brand) thread to match fabric, 1 package 1/4" elastic.

Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 are $20.00 for the labor.
Sizes 18 are $25.00 for the labor.
Contact me about sizing details to learn your size.


Lavender Bonnet with Rose

Basic lavender bonnet has a hand embroidered purple/lavender rose in the center back, and a ruffle around front. Elastic in the back at the neck ensures a proper fit. Ties are lavender. Easy care poly/cotton.
Size: Newborn to 12 months.

Purple Smocked Bonnet

Purple Cotton Bonnet is smocked in corresponding thread color in a diamond design with a row of stitching on either side of the diamonds. Front tie ribbons have small bow where they are attached to the bonnet.
Size: 6-18 months.
$15.00 plus shipping.

White Smocked Bonnet

White poly/cotton bonnet is smocked in gentle pastels, perfect for Spring. Small yellow flowerettes with baby green leaves are surrounded by pink smocking, then the design is lined with blue.
Size: 6-18 months.
$15.00 plus shipping.

SOLD Ask about special orders - at no extra cost!


Order Bonnets Now for Spring!

That's right, I'm working now on bonnets for spring, but wondered if there are any particular ones you are looking for. Browse through the ones I have for sale as part of outfits, and let me know if you want one of those available by itself. The price is $15 per bonnet, smocked or embroidered. leave a comment or email me. Have a great day. (No extra fee for "special orders", either.)


Special Order Purses!

I have made a few purses recently, and wanted to post a
picture of the latest. I made this for Mom and really like it.
You are welcome to special order purses. I charge $30 for
labor, plus cost and shipping. Just remember that the
material must be quilted on both sides. Email me for



Announcing a book of poetry.

Finally here: The book of poetry that the Lord has allowed me to write and have printed. They are available for $9.50 each, plus shipping. These are inspirational poems. See details on my other blog page: Miss Leah's Makings and Musings. I have also posted the title poem there as a sample for you, and I have some other poems posted there as well.


Smocked Lavendar Bishop

Smocked Lavendar Bishop and Bonnet with Panty.

Dress is smocked in complimenting lavendar thread, plus
white. Two rows of lavendar on either side of a white row
begin and end the pattern with a band of lavendar smocking
forming diamonds in between those rows. Diamond smocking
accents the short, puffed sleeves, while a hemtuck accents
the skirt. Dress fastens in back with covered buttons. Bonnet
is smocked in the diamond pattern as well. 100% cotton.

Size:0-3mo. (12" length)

Currently Not Available.


Here's what I have been doing

Here is one of the pink outfits I just finished.
These are available to custom order if you like.


Pink "Princess" Dress with matching purse.

Dress is white-on-pink print with contrast pink-on-white print.

Dress has contrast collar and cuffs with pink print piping. Contrast

covered buttons fasten the dress down the front. There are contrast
pleat inlays in the front and back skirt. Back tie ends are also con-

trast. Matching purse has handles and accent strip in contrast.

Size: 6 (33" length; Chest measurement 25")

Watch for a blue version of this dress and purse in the coming months!

What I've Been Doing

Hello! I thought I'd share with you all what I've been up to
recently.I was hired to do some custom sewing (Nothing new
to me as I've done that many times!) and when I finished the
dress we liked it so well that we decided to make the same
pattern for my little sister. She needed new clothes, so I
have been sewing for her. Here is a picture of one

of the new dresses I made for her. I love the contrast on it
and am thankful to my friend for asking me to do a dress for
her daughter in that pattern. Now I should be able to
complete the long awaited buttercup yellow dress that I have fallen in love with and am eager

to finish and have available to you.