Custom Order Finished

I just finished a custom order for a dress someone wanted “reproduced”. The customer provided the material she wanted, instructing me what she wanted each print used for. She had a dress for her daughter she wanted made in a bigger size and neither of us had a pattern that matched. I was able to pull a pattern from my files that was the bodice she was looking for, and I had a circle skirt pattern that I had to alter in order to add the gathers the customer was wanting. I had to add the ties, and I measured the ties of the dress I was “copying” to use as the pattern for the dress I was making. Both mother and daughter are pleased with the finished product.

Pictured here is the dress they wanted reproduced (the white with the pink/rose print -- above), along with the dress they had me make.


  1. very pretty. I still have the dress you made for my grandaughter hanging in the closet. It does not fit her anymore but is just as beautiful as when we received it!

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I'm so glad the dress has lasted well. Good to hear from you again.


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