Flat Sheet Converted to a Nightgown

One of my nightgowns recently wore out, and needed immediate replacement. I went to our favorite thrift store and bought several flat sheets, the most expensive one being $3.00 -- a king size. The one I used for this gown was a queen size, and cost $0.69. I didn't think the texture of the material would go well with eyelet that I normally trim my gowns with, so I used the sheet to also make ruffles (I have leftover despite that). It is one of the most comfortable gowns I've ever had!

So next time you're looking for material, consider checking out flat sheets at garage or yard sales or thrift stores! You can also use fitted sheets if you clip the elastic at the edge, but you'll get more out of a flat sheet.

Coming next (hopefully, once I get the photo): a picture of a dress I made from another sheet.