Embroidery Begun: Custom Embroidered Dress

I have begun the embroidery on another custom order dress. Here is a preview of the collar embroidery. I am doing the embroidery on the buttons. There will also be embroidery on the sleeves.


What I'm Working on Today

Today I begin cutting out these 2 fabrics. They will be embroidered dresses. The customer chose yellow for the first one and lavender for the second, perfect choice in my opinion. Can't wait to see completion.


Embroidery on Custom Blouse

A customer ordered a white blouse with embroidery. This post is merely to show the embroidery. I have just begun assembly of blouse, and will do a "proper" post when it is done.

 Placket detail


Custom Order Women's Smocked Dress: Pink Print

I had a request to do a custom smocked dress for the same lady who ordered the blue embroidered roses dress. She selected the material for me to order, and gave me the details as to what sort of pattern she had in mind, as well as sending a photo of possible smocking idea. I planned the smocking, selected the thread colors, taking photos of options for her to chose. Pictured below is the selection she went with.
 When the smocking was finished, I used headed pins to show her placement options for roses. She selected a lovely pattern.
Below are photos of the finished dress.