About me: I have learned a lot of my sewing by trial and error after I was taught the basics by my busy mother. As modest, feminine patterns became harder to find, I was forced to learn to create a lot of my own patterns, for which I am very thankful. That laid the foundation for my being able to tackle learning a new art when the oppurtunity
came along-- namely, smocking. Most of the dresses I have smocked are my own creation in one way or many others. At the repeated requests of my friends, and with the encouragement of my family, I felt led to make my sewing available to any who are trying to follow the Lord in the area of clothing. I offer not only ready-made clothes, but encourage you to request custom sewing, as well, which is my biggest blessing to my "customers", and one which friends enjoy.

I'm very willing to hear from you of ways I may serve you. just email me and give your input.

   I'm very thankful to my friends and family who have encouraged me to use my talents well, but thankful most of all to God who gave them. I was saved when I was about nine and am so thankful for God's mercy and grace. I'm so thankful that He is still working to make me what I ought to be and for His patience. To Him be all the glory for any good or talent
in me.

Here is a small glimpse into my sewing room were I spend lots of time for Sweetly Modest and Miss Leah's Makings and Musings, as well as for friends, family and my own wardrobe. :-)
Yes, I love quilts, and love to make them, either by hand or machine. I like the look of hand quilted and pieced things so much better than the machine, though.
That is also where I usually crochet my doilies, which is something I've gotten into this year (2010).