Yes, I believe these are lead free

Many of you may have heard about the "lead free law" and some may be following it. Well, they have put a stay on it for a year for such as myself as long as we are reasonably sure that our products are lead free. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful He has seen fit to intervene on our behalf. However, prayer is still needed that our authorities will make the law reasonable so that it will be good for all. So I will look forward to posting more outfits soon...I'm currently finishing an adorable buttercup yellow dress, bonnet and panty, which looks so like spring that I'm anxious for spring to roll around.

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  1. Yes, praise the Lord, this is wonderful news. I have been praying for your business and this law. Your dresses and smocking is so lovely. Your Pink "Princess" Dress is so pretty is makes me wish I were young enough to wear something so “girly.” :-) I am so looking forward to being able to see the yellow dress and other things you make.


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