Special Order Purses!

I have made a few purses recently, and wanted to post a
picture of the latest. I made this for Mom and really like it.
You are welcome to special order purses. I charge $30 for
labor, plus cost and shipping. Just remember that the
material must be quilted on both sides. Email me for



Announcing a book of poetry.

Finally here: The book of poetry that the Lord has allowed me to write and have printed. They are available for $9.50 each, plus shipping. These are inspirational poems. See details on my other blog page: Miss Leah's Makings and Musings. I have also posted the title poem there as a sample for you, and I have some other poems posted there as well.


Smocked Lavendar Bishop

Smocked Lavendar Bishop and Bonnet with Panty.

Dress is smocked in complimenting lavendar thread, plus
white. Two rows of lavendar on either side of a white row
begin and end the pattern with a band of lavendar smocking
forming diamonds in between those rows. Diamond smocking
accents the short, puffed sleeves, while a hemtuck accents
the skirt. Dress fastens in back with covered buttons. Bonnet
is smocked in the diamond pattern as well. 100% cotton.

Size:0-3mo. (12" length)

Currently Not Available.


Here's what I have been doing

Here is one of the pink outfits I just finished.
These are available to custom order if you like.


Pink "Princess" Dress with matching purse.

Dress is white-on-pink print with contrast pink-on-white print.

Dress has contrast collar and cuffs with pink print piping. Contrast

covered buttons fasten the dress down the front. There are contrast
pleat inlays in the front and back skirt. Back tie ends are also con-

trast. Matching purse has handles and accent strip in contrast.

Size: 6 (33" length; Chest measurement 25")

Watch for a blue version of this dress and purse in the coming months!

What I've Been Doing

Hello! I thought I'd share with you all what I've been up to
recently.I was hired to do some custom sewing (Nothing new
to me as I've done that many times!) and when I finished the
dress we liked it so well that we decided to make the same
pattern for my little sister. She needed new clothes, so I
have been sewing for her. Here is a picture of one

of the new dresses I made for her. I love the contrast on it
and am thankful to my friend for asking me to do a dress for
her daughter in that pattern. Now I should be able to
complete the long awaited buttercup yellow dress that I have fallen in love with and am eager

to finish and have available to you.

Yes, I believe these are lead free

Many of you may have heard about the "lead free law" and some may be following it. Well, they have put a stay on it for a year for such as myself as long as we are reasonably sure that our products are lead free. Praise the Lord! I am so thankful He has seen fit to intervene on our behalf. However, prayer is still needed that our authorities will make the law reasonable so that it will be good for all. So I will look forward to posting more outfits soon...I'm currently finishing an adorable buttercup yellow dress, bonnet and panty, which looks so like spring that I'm anxious for spring to roll around.



I want to reccommend my friend's blogs to my readers. Nicole has a lot of talent and ability and puts it to use through home business. She does beautiful work. Her sites are http://www.freewebs.com/goatwagonsutlers for re-enactment and civil war period items; http://www.westernwoodburnings.blogspot.com/ for western woodburnings, of course and yet another blog with non-sutlery, non-western items is http://www.workingwithherhands.blogspot.com/. Nicole just made a visit to me (which I enjoyed a great deal) and left me a rug which she has crocheted. However, other than for this picture, I don't see mine getting on the floor! It is too pretty for that, in my opinion. I beleive it has found its permanent home on the back of my favorite chair!