Order Bonnets Now for Spring!

That's right, I'm working now on bonnets for spring, but wondered if there are any particular ones you are looking for. Browse through the ones I have for sale as part of outfits, and let me know if you want one of those available by itself. The price is $15 per bonnet, smocked or embroidered. leave a comment or email me. Have a great day. (No extra fee for "special orders", either.)


  1. Oh, that is so cute! A bear in a bonnet! I love it!

  2. Well, I was looking for something to "wear" it for the picture, and that was what I found. Hannah and Mom love it, too. :-) I do think it turned cute, too, though.

  3. Quite cute indeed. :)
    I'd like to sew one for myself now. :D

    Greetings from Germany! :)


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